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  • Pop Butterfly - Fresh iPad,iPhone,Android 3D Game

    "Pop Butterfly" is a relaxed and addictive 3D game.
    It is fresh, original and unique. It is easy to learn: only need tapping to pop butterfly. Same butterflies around it will be popped too.

    Try to pop more butterflies at same time, you will get more scores.
    There are 100 levels in each world. Lots of butterflies are waiting to meet you.

    Can you miss these beautiful butterflies?
    Thanks for playing.

  • 99.99%

    Fresh original reflex puzzle for torturing yourself.
    For torturing yourself!
    Torture yourself!!

    If you don't feel satisfy, you can unlock new world to torture yourself better.
    As developer, when I try to pass level 1 in game world 10, I'm tortured deeply.I don't suggest players to try game world more than 5....

    Key features:
    - minimalistic design, easy to learn, hard to master.
    - you can't stop to torture yourself.


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